​Say a big hearty hello to our new collection - squishy new sofas, beautiful beds & a great big helping of some brilliant new stuff for kids

Loaf is the new name for The Sleep Room

We used to be called The Sleep Room offering a few insanely comfy beds. But now that we’ve expanded into snug sofas and other parts of the house we thought we’d change our name to Loaf. Four letters. Easy to remember. And with all those nice Sleeproomy connotations of comfort.

Nothing else has changed. Same company. Same people. Same customer service.   Read More



  • Handmade headboards

Are you hunting for a superking size bed?

If you are, remember that loads of companies offer superking beds which are actually a non-standard UK size. They're often 190 cm wide instead of 180 cm.  We think this is a mug's game as it means you have to order their mattress and bedding to go with their so-called superking bed. And it's always a pain if you want to mix and match things over the years. So we hereby promise that we will only ever sell superking beds in the UK that are a standard UK size. Unless of course you really want a special size, in which case check out our bespoke service where we can make superking beds up in strange sizes especially for you.