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From Aiden & Glen in Long Eaton, to Sandeep in India, and David and his family in London, everything we offer has a story and a person behind it.

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Buying a contemporary bed never used to be this easy

Our memories of the early 80s are of frozen OJ, polyester curtains and cork floors. In fact, everything was a bit orange - even WH Smith was orange. And if you wanted a cool contemporary bed, you knew which colour you could get it in.

In fact, twenty-five years ago, contemporary beds were pretty much like so many other things - a bit yucky. Now we have freshly squeezed orange juice, gorgeous natural fabrics and solid oak floors. And beds have got better too.

Schlepping about for a bed…

We remember traipsing around the shops with our parents all those years ago, looking for that new bed to go with the bamboo side tables and digital alarm clock. Laura Ashley was at her floral peak and lunch was more Um Bongo and sliced white than elderflower and ciabatta. We remember the salesmen asking our parents, "What kind of bed are you after?" before showing them a sea of swirly, pastel-coloured behemoths.

Yes, buying a bed, and shopping in general for that matter, was not exactly fun back then. Maybe it's because, as children, we weren't actually shopping for ourselves. We just had to tag along while our parents chose contemporary sofa beds for the spare room. Maybe it was the fact that we really didn't care about which one was the king of beds in the department store. Or perhaps it was that parking was so easy in those days and traffic wardens didn't so readily spoil a trip to buy a bed.

But bed-buying has changed

Things steadily improved on the shopping front as we grew up and became adults who could buy things for ourselves, but buying a bed was still a pretty harrowing experience. Your best bet was to go to one of those mega-warehouse-out-of-town-catalogue-shop-thingies. All you wanted to do was find a good value, fairly hip bed (or futon, as was more the rage back then) and leave; instead you had to spend hours trawling around a shop, pencil and paper in hand as you ticked off the product number of the groovy wooden or metal beds that caught your eye. And, as if this wasn't enough, you were then faced with having to lug said bed from the check-out to your car whose stereo (if it hadn't been nicked) was worth more than the actual vehicle itself.

Contemporary beds went online

Thankfully, with the turn of the millennium, shopping online gained momentum, which got us thinking that there had to be an alternative to the crazy old way of buying beds, especially the contemporary kind. So, after two years of research, fun and hard work, we launched The Sleep Room.

Our aim is to ensure that children nowadays associate bed-buying with pleasure and ease. We don't have the biggest range of contemporary kingsize beds, bed frames or sofa beds, instead we have a carefully selected stock of well-made, stylish beds that we deliver straight to your bedroom. We even assemble your bed, so you don't have to worry about instruction manuals that confuse more than help. You can rest easy in the knowledge that if the bed you buy from us doesn't quite cut it (for whatever reason), we'll fully refund you and collect your contemporary bed for free. As Graham used to say to Cilla's contestants, "The decision is yours."