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When does a modern bed become "modern"?

Sometimes you know exactly what style you're after: a modern bed with chrome legs and removable wool cover, for example (that'd be our lovely modern Chrome bed by the way). But other times you're not sure how to describe exactly what it is that you want.

For instance, do you want a classic bed or a modern bed with a classic twist? Whatever you call it, conveying your interpretation of beds can be a minefield. Unfortunately, if you're searching on the web for examples of perfect bed design, your success depends on accurate description.

When it comes to buying modern beds, KISS! (Keep It Simple, Silly!)

We suffered exactly this frustration a while back when we found ourselves faced with an impenetrably huge choice of modern beds on the internet, with each company seeming to promise a bigger range than the next. And so the idea for The Sleep Room was born.

We decided that the one thing we didn't want was a large selection. Based on our experience, being faced with a vast product range can be intimidating, and rather than giving customers what they want, seems to send out all the wrong signals. To us, a range with an innumerable amount of beds lacks confidence and direction and ignores the fact that less is so often more. Moreover, browsing through pages and pages of bed styles just makes life harder.

We decided to do the exact opposite of everyone else on the web and put together a small range of modern beds, including wooden, metal and leather upholstered beds, which we would be proud to have in our own homes.

The beauty of a small choice of modern beds

There was another reason why we didn't want to bamboozle customers with a huge range of beds for sale. By limiting our range, we ensure that we have most of our beds in stock at all times (in full, king and super king sizes), and so are able to deliver to customers within just a few days of their ordering. This is in stark contrast to most other bed companies who take your money up front and then disappear for 12 weeks while they get your modern bed made - during which time who knows what could happen.

If you're anything like us you're fairly impatient;* once you've seen the bed you want, you want it delivered ASAP. (*Actually we prefer to call ourselves proactive or enthusiastic rather than impatient, even if our loved ones have often pointed out differently!)

Our modern bed vow

As a result, we hereby promise that we will never offer a massive range of beds. Whether you're on the hunt for an upholstered modern bed or something more contemporary, we will not overload you with choice. We promise to keep a select range of really well-made, beautiful bed sets in stock. We don't charge the earth. We keep our mark-up to a minimum to ensure that you get maximum value for money. And we go home every evening in the knowledge that we have delivered our customers great value modern beds.