The Sleep Room Has Become Loaf


We launched under the name of The Sleep Room at the end of 2008 with one simple aim: to take the hassle and expense out of buying a bed. We were more successful than we ever dreamed.

The natural thing for us to do next was to make things for other rooms in the house. But it seemed strange that we were called The Sleep Room and yet would be selling sofas and kitchen tables. So we decided we would become Loaf. Four letters. Easy to remember. With nice connotations of laid back elegance and schlepping about. All very “Sleep Room”.

We bought the domain name from some dude in Florida (you can read about this on our blog) and started telling everyone in May 2012 about our plans. Everyone loved the idea (actually one dedicated customer wrote in to say it reminded them of bread rather than chilling out, but we felt one out of thousands was a pretty good result) and on October 1st 2012 we finally made the move from to

Apart from the name absolutely nothing else has changed. Same company. Same people. Same customer service. Same dodgy cardigans worn by Charlie every day.

And a whole load of scrummy furniture and squishy stuff for the home. x

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