Scatter cushions

We reckon our cushions look peachy when layered up in different sizes, colours and textures!

Ticker Scatter Cushion

The lovely thing about these classy ticking stripes is that they are so easy to live with. Made in cotton with a washed linen edge.

Choose from three sizes

Comes in three colours

New! Shearer Scatter Cushion

A cosy classic made from soft New Zealand shearling. Snuggle up.

Choose from three sizes

Weavey Stripe Scatter Cushion

Woven by hand from textured cotton. A bit natural. A bit neutral. A lot special.

Comes in four colours

Weavey Check Scatter Cushion

A hand-woven, textured cotton cushion. A bit natural. A bit neutral. A lot special.

Comes in four colours

Soft Scoop Seat Pad

A scrummy scoop of squish in our clever velvet or clever vintage linen. Comfy and cleanable. Just the thing for a soft landing at supper time.

Comes in twelve colours

Easy Edge Scatter Cushion

Fancy just a pop of colour without scaring the horses? These laid-back linen cushions are quietly confident.

Comes in twelve colours

Easy Squish Scatter Cushion

Our signature Loaf cushion: relaxed floppy edges, lovely wooden buttons and very, very soft. Sink in.

Choose from three sizes

Made-to-order Scatter Cushion

These are made to order for us by seamstresses in Yorkshire in any one of our lovely fabrics. They all come with feather-filled cushion pads included. Nice and simple.

Choose from four sizes

Comes in over 150 fabrics