Squishy chaise sofas

L-shaped sofas for L-shaped Loafing


Bummer! Looks like we haven't got any sofas that tick all those boxes. Have another play with the options and we're sure to find you something snug in a jiffy.

Comfy chaise sofas

If you want a perfect loafing machine - look no further! Our chaise sofas are perfect to stretch out on thanks to their L-shape and insanely comfy cushions. Choose from lots of our lovely styles, including contemporary and classic shapes.

Handmade in Britain our chaise sofas come in lots of scrummy fabrics. Our chaises are large sofas that come in 4-seater size and bigger so there is plenty of room for guests or just stretch out on your own!

Come and have a play in our London showrooms where our lovely Loafers are on hand to help. And if you decide you're not 100% happy, we'll be sad, but we'll refund you in full and take your chaise sofa away for free. Just remember to let us know within the first 14 days after delivery. Easy.