Lamp base width (cm) a 12
Full lamp height (cm) b 32
Lamp shade width (cm) c 22
Lamp shade height (cm) d 15
Lamp base height (cm) e 16
Lamp base width (cm) a 19 (dIa)
Full lamp height (cm) b 47
Lamp shade width (cm) c 30 (dIa)
Lamp shade height (cm) d 20
Lamp base height (cm) e 26
Lamp base width (cm) a 22 (DIA)
Full lamp height (cm) b 55
Lamp shade width (cm) c 35 (DIA)
Lamp shade height (cm) d 22
Lamp base height (cm) e 32
Lamp base width (cm) a 24
Full lamp height (cm) b 72
Lamp shade width (cm) c 45
Lamp shade height (cm) d 28
Lamp base height (cm) e 41

Measurements may vary by up to 3cm

How is it delivered? Arrives fully assembled
Cable, switch and plug 1.5m black braided cable with in-line switch and sealed plug
Recommended Watt We recommend using a 7-10 Watts LED bulb. They are nicer to the environment and they give out much less heat