Room for one more?

What's got loads of storage, a sofa bed & designed for smaller spaces? Our new Chatnap range of course!

Our Chatnap modular storage sofa is super flexible and perfect for those who are a little short on space. Handmade in Blighty and just as irresistibly comfy as our other feather-filled sofas, we think it's a real winner!

We've taken off the arms to keep things compact and to help slot all the pieces together in your very own formation. It's a little bit like Tetris! Add on a sofa bed, turn a corner, create extra storage space with our roomy footstool. Each module can be used to create your 'spot on' sofa. If you're after a corner sofa they can be built either left hand or right hand. Phew!

What's more they are all available in bundles of gorgeous fabrics ranging from brushed cottons and wools to plush velvets and our wonderfully weathered and beaten leathers.