Welcome to our laid-back world

We make laid-back furniture for people to really kick off their shoes and lead happier, more relaxed lives. We're champions of serious quality and good old-fashioned craftsmanship. And we only make stuff that we'd enjoy in our
own homes... preferably with a cup of tea and a great big slice
of chocolate cake!

Handmade by humans (not squirrels)

All of our stuff is made by independent, family-run businesses with a lovely old-school approach where no corner is ever cut. They're the best in the biz.

Meet the Loafers (our Dream Team)

Meet our merry band of Loafers - a bunch of all round good eggs who make wonderful things happen.

We've made a little film about what we do...

Our story

  1. In the beginning

    Boxing Day 2008

    After losing a whole Saturday trying to buy a bed, our Charlie launches The Sleep Room (Loaf's original name!) selling 12 beautiful beds and one perfect mattress. We sell 25 times more than we dreamed of… phewf!

  2. Cat and Chloe join

    ...so Charlie gets an hour off.

    The three of them attempt a Christmas party (steak, chips, bed by 10pm).

  3. To the Taj Mahal...

    our Cat goes!

    She meets our new seriously skilled makers and has a lot of fun. Charlie tells her she's not on her gap year.

  4. From scribble to scrummy

    The creator of all things Loafy joins

    Mister Steve, our Head of Creation, joins the gang and tells us we're doing everything wrong.

  5. World domination


    We start making sofas and our phones go bananas! We decide to change our name from The Sleep Room and buy Loaf.com off a dude in Florida.

  6. Fast Track 100

    Onwards and upwards!

    Lots of people seem to like what we are doing and we're listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK by The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. Our Charlie and Missy get to hang out at Richard Branson's place and collect our award. Show offs.

  7. Our family gets bigger...

    We need a bigger picture frame!

    We go BIG, launching loads more things and nearly doubling the number of Loafers at HQ. We move offices to a snazzy new Engine Room and up the size of our Notting Hill showroom. It's hard work this loafing malarkey!

  8. Britain's most laid-back showroom...

    ... launches in Battersea!

    We open the doors to our first ever Loaf Shack. More of a slowroom than a showroom, it's our 8,000 square foot homage to the art of loafing. It even has an old-school ice cream parlour - 'cos everyone loves ice cream, right?

  9. The Future

    The sky's the limit

    To Loafinity and beyond!

    Well, it's nice to dream...

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