Babies, mojitos and new ideas in the Mediterranean

Posted September 9th, 2010

Yesterday we went to a few new places whose wares we'd been dying to check out for ages. We loved these kilims rugs for their unusually vivid colours.

And this Indian day bed caught our eye which we reckon, given a few twists and changes, could be quite "Sleeproom-y".

And we rather liked these antique glasses with their double layer of glass sandwiching some air between (sorry, bit hard to see in this photo taken with our slightly cruddy Blackberry camera!).

Then Horace, who'd had fun in this groovy chair for all of 10 minutes, started shouting once again so we went home for a siesta.

Later on we ended up in our favourite Ibizan spot, the Sunset Ashram on the west coast, to smash down some strawberry mojitos, listen to some tunes and watch the sunset. A bit of a daily ritual which is so idyllic that it's hard for everyone not to take a quick snap. Cheese-tastic. x