Here we go

We're pulling our socks up to do our bit for both the Earth and the communities we work in. We're not perfect. But we're on an exciting journey to do better. So here's a little bit about where we are now and the direction we're headed.

Slow style, not fast fashion

We believe people should buy fewer things, but better quality ones. So we design products to last for years. And the makers we work with share our ethos and refuse to cut any corners.

Sustainably sourced ingredients

Our goal is for all our materials to be certified as being responsibly sourced - where a certification exists - or derived from recycled materials by 2025. For a start the timber in our sofa frames is already sourced from responsibly managed forests. We've still got some way to go with our other ingredients, but we are working hard on it.

Minimising carbon emissions

Over 70% of our sales come from products made in England. Which is great. But we want to know what our actual carbon footprint is so we can plan our path to becoming carbon neutral. We have some clever people working this out, so watch this space.

Improving our packaging

Within the next 3 years our goal is to ensure 100% of our product packaging is recyclable, recycled and (where possible) either biodegradable or compostable. And currently 95% of our sofa and bed packaging is taken away and recycled by our delivery teams.

Respecting animal welfare

We can't claim to be vegan as some of our products contain animal-derived ingredients. But we do care that animals are looked after. So our duck feather is sourced from suppliers who conform to the Responsible Down Standard. All the wool we use will be certified to the Responsible Wool Standard by 2024. And our leather is treated in a tannery accredited by the Leather Working Group.

Paying people properly

All our Loafers are paid at least the 'real' Living Wage for their hard work. This shouldn't be confused with the National Living Wage which is a lower amount and is a legal obligation for all companies.

Loaf now conducts annual reports on the Gender Pay Gap, read our 2022 report here.

Helping the homeless

We've partnered with St Mungo's, a leading charity working to end homelessness and rebuild lives, here in the UK. Over the next 3 years we are aiming to spend 10,000 hours of our time volunteering and helping to raise funds for such important causes. And the first thing we've already learned? Whenever we see a homeless person, the best thing to do is to talk to them and smile. Yep, seems obvious now.