Product TLC

A few pointers about our fabrics

  • Most of our fabrics are woven from natural fibres and colours may differ ever so slightly from one batch to another. This is normal and part of what makes them unique and lovely. Rest assured though that all our suppliers carry out ongoing visual checks to ensure that nothing too extreme gets through the net.
  • Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear.
  • All our lovely upholstered products conform to the very strict UK standards for domestic fire retardancy.
  • From time to time our sofas may have a slight chemical smell when first delivered. This comes from the special flame-retardant coating used to treat and protect our sofas. This is normal and the smell will soon disappear within a couple of days, although in very rare cases it can take up to two weeks.
  • One thing worth noting is that viscose (which is in some of our linen fabrics due to domestic UK fire regulations) is a totally natural material originating from plants and trees.

Download our PDF guide for upholstery.

Cleaning it up

Sunlight: Our fabrics don't much care for the sun, so keep them out of direct sunlight or heat.

Removable covers: If your sofa is fitted with removable covers, please don't put them in your washing machine. Beautiful fabrics need a little love and these ones should only be cleaned in situ by a specialist dry cleaner.

Hoovering your sofa: Dust is one of the biggest culprits for causing a fabric to look tired and old. By hoovering your sofa you can remove the dust and dirt and bring the fabric and colour back to life. The small but wide attachment for your hoover (yes that one with a small velvety strip on it) is actually intended for upholstery. But please take care with hard plastic nozzles, as these can leave marks on velvet and other upholstery.

Flat velvet: If your velvet is looking a little too crushed, then you can buy a velvet brush to bring the pile back to life. And some clever types claim they can achieve the same effect with a velvet swatch.

Stains or dirt: If they just won't budge we recommend contacting a certified company that can send professional upholstery Cleaners to your house. They will see the symbol which will tell them which chemical wash and method to use. The little bar under the circle reminds them that our products need to be treated with a milder process (than standard) to stop any pesky shrinkage.

Leather love

If you've gone for one of our lovely leather pieces, be sure to look after it. Our leather doesn't like belt buckles and sharp objects, neither does it really care for the sun - so do keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. Blot (never rub) spillages with a dry absorbent cloth and please, please, please don't use saddle soap or any other speciality cleaning products.

How to plump our squishy cushions

To keep our feather, foam and eco fibre cushions at their squishy best and help them maintain their shape, just give them a plump now and then.

  1. Pick the cushion up from the corners and give it a good whack on each side to get the feathers moving.
  2. Give the centre of each cushion a good bash so it's nice and neat. Then sit back and relax!