Marathon Fever

Posted April 23rd, 2010

It's time for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon: the sporting event of the year which prompts lots of us to stay in our beds, gazing in awe at those going the distance, while vowing that we will do it one day. "Just let me finish this bacon buttie, and then I'll sign up, yeah?"

This year the range of celebrities running is as strong - and well, um, random as ever. Of course it's to be expected that new sponsor and Virgin chief Richard Branson is running, as is ITV's Jenni Falconer, singer Michelle Heaton and a host of others. Oh how we'll chuckle as we see them struggle to the finish line, drenched in sweat...

But some of the team here at The Sleep Room have run the London Marathon in the past, and we know it's no mean feat ... tired isn't even the word. Bone-achingly exhausted is a little closer to the mark. As such, we'd like to prescribe some R&R tips for this year's celeb runners…

Sir Richard is running with his two children and a team of 100 others for the Virgin Unite charity. Ideally we'd like to see the lot of them take their post-run rest in a massive Charlie & the Chocolate Factory-style wooden bed. Wonka bars for all, and everyone in together to celebrate!

Jenni Falconer is both tall and athletic - she's even won sporty reality shows in the past - so we're guessing she will make the finishing line faster than many. She seems like a level-headed lady so we reckon she'll be heading for some healthy food rather than a bucket of left-over Easter eggs, and we'd suggest a chic upholstered bed would be best for her. Perhaps something with a little tartan fabric.

As for Michelle Heaton, well, she's Jordan's bezzie mate, so we're reckoning she's quite fancy. We'd recommend the girliest of meals - fondue and marshmallows perhaps - and then a decent night's kip on some kind of fantastical bed. A pink bed? A French bed? Oh no hold on, we think she'd like this Disney Fantasy Carriage Bed.

Whatever their times, we salute this year's runners - celebrity or otherwise - and hope that you all get a well-deserved good night's sleep on 25th April!