Chocolate Loaf-shake

Posted August 1st, 2013

If you order one of our fabric swatch packs then we send you a sachet of Loafy hot chocolate to enjoy while you browse over your samples of fabric and Loaf brochure.

Here at Loaf HQ we are a bit addicted to the hot choccy. And as today was a scorcher, we were forced to find a more seasonal alternative.


So here are our tips for making a delicious Loaf-shake:

1.) Measure about a third of a packet of Loaf hot chocolate into a glass.

2.) Add a touch of hot water and get mixing until you have a lovely paste.

3.) Whack in a few ice cubes, and then a few more.

4.) Pour on lashings of milk and whizz up with a spoon.

Et voila! Do let us know what you think.

Our new Head of Magic, Guido, was a big fan and volunteered to make his debut as the Loaf-shake model.