Corsica without the Vendetta

Posted May 18th, 2010

Sitting in London coming up with ideas for new oak beds, we decided to go for inspiration to an amazing place we'd heard about in Corsica called Murtoli. Check it out here. It's an enormous nature reserve sandwiched between the mountains and the sea -so you get the best of both worlds.

There are a small number of very secluded and beautifully restored cottages on the estate. Our one looked like Bilbo Baggins' house from outside, and the inside was decorated with old French beds and furniture, reclaimed Belgian tiles and Indian bed linen. And best of all the kitchen equipment was top notch -nothing like the Ikea stuff you get in most rentals!

After a lardy breakfast of croissants and cafe au lait, it was a 25 minute walk down to the mile long private sandy beach -and along the way we always met wild boar, cows, eagles and kites.

This was all a real tonic, but what really caught our eye was the cool driftwood furniture down on the beach.

Valerie and her husband Paul who own Murtoli have an incredible eye for simplicity. We also noticed that they always sported different brand new Converse trainers every day which went very well with their perfect tans! So it was with a head full of their style that we packed our bags and headed back to Blighty, only just in time to make our connecting flight for a buying trip to India. And we made sure we got ourselves some new Cons too!