Here Comes Our New Name...

Posted April 19th, 2012

We've had a pretty amazing time selling beds online. We had no idea back in early 2009 that we would quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

But when we planned our big launch of sofas and armchairs on May 1st we all felt our trusted name, The Sleep Room, would soon seem a bit strange.

So we decided we'd change to...Loaf. Four letters. Easy to remember. And with nice Sleep Roomy connotations of comfort and schleppping about.

We'll be introducing this slowly in all our press ads and here at over the next 6 months. We'll also be expanding our Ladbroke Grove home to over 6000 square feet by the end of June. Then in October we'll be switching everything over to

Nothing else is changing. Same people. Same products. Same dodgy cardies worn by Charlie every day. We're very excited about it and hope you love all our new products - there are some right belters in the collection!