Our "No Chat" Tuna Meatballs

Posted November 8th, 2011

After 15 years of trying, we finally had a bit of a breakthrough at home last night. No, we didn't get more than 3 questions right watching University Challenge. But we did finally make a 100% perfect tuna meatball pasta. It's so damn good that you need to dig in quickly. Don't bother with chit chat or any light conversation. Just attack that pasta. In fact after one mouthful the thought of anyone trying to communicate is just plain rude.

The thing about tuna meatballs is that you have to ensure that it doesn't overcook. A few seconds too long and you've blown it. And then there are all sorts of rules in most Italian regions about how you shouldn't put cheese with fish, shouldn't put Asian ingredients in pasta, should only wear tan shoes with a blue suit. It's a minefield. But we've taken the plunge and can assure you that, like Spag Bol, this just works. So here goes our recipe for Missy's Tuna Carbonara:

-Mix together: chopped fresh tuna, a bit of chopped basil & parsley, some fish sauce and soy sauce, fresh chopped tomato, salt, pepper, fresh red chilli, dash of olive oil to bind it together

-Form smallish meatballs -about the size of one of those large marbles. Put in the fridge for at least half an hour so they hold their shape

-Get your pasta on the boil

-Heat some olive oil in a separate pan and brown the meatballs and then take off the heat. NB This must take no more than 30 seconds as you don't want to cook the insides at all

-Drain the pasta when ready

-Whisk two eggs. Throw this into the pasta along with some grated parmesan. Mix it up

-Put the meatballs into the pasta making sure they are covered by the pasta so they take on the heat. Put a lid on and leave for 3 minutes

-Tuck in

And there you have it. It only took us 15 years. Let us know if any of you give this a go. It's an absolute belter. x