Winner of our South Pole competition is…..

Posted November 5th, 2013

Colin Pritchard, take a bow...

Thanks to everyone who got involved in last week's competition to win a Brilliant Blanket. We asked the question "what would be the one luxury you'd take on an expedition to the South Pole?" and Colin came up with the ingenious idea of lugging national treasure David Attenborough there.

He reckons the TV crew would help if they got into trouble and they could play a bit of Zoo Quest in the evening (which sounds like a lot of fun to us). 

Our real expeditioners (and inspiration behind our competition) Ben and Tarka are now on day 12 of their epic 1,800 mile return journey to the South Pole. They've faced -40 degrees, skiing in the wrong direction, salty tea and 7 days in the same underpants. Not even Sir David could help with that!