Try this end of term brain-teaser!

Posted December 19th, 2019

Our festive crossword has become a bit of a Loaf tradition. Rack your brain and we'll share the answers on our blog on Christmas Eve!


1. Christmas delivery expert with four legs (8)
5. Give them a jingle (5)
7. This very minute (3)
8. Naughty or ____? (4)
11. Often perches on top of a Christmas tree (5)
12. Said to be easier than receiving (6)
13. Evening (3)
14. You might do this during a post-pudding kip (5)


1. Non-edible bird associated with Christmas (5)
2. You may feel this way after over-indulging (3)
3. Stuff you use to buy Christmas presents etc (4)
4. Essential for a white Christmas (10)
6. Do this on your sofa when it's cold outside (7)
9. Aromatic Christmas spice (6)
10. Found in stables and occasionally used as a crib (6)
12. Goes well with tonic (3)

For an extra challenge, make a festive word that uses ALL of the letters in the grey-shaded boxes.

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Merry Squishmas one and all!


The Loafers x