Fancy this end of term brain-teaser?

Posted April 18th, 2019

It's time to give your grey matter a bit of a workout with our Easter crossword, but do make sure you're loafing comfortably first!

Put your Easter knowledge to the test and we'll share the answers on our blog on 23rd April.

For an extra challenge, create a THREE WORD PHRASE that uses ALL of the letters in the grey-shaded boxes. Hint: unintended consequence of overdosing on Easter Eggs.

If you feel like showing off you can share your genius on our Facebook page or Twitter feed using #GreyMatter.

Happy Easter to you and your family!


The Loafers x


1. Home for Easter? You might
swing by one of these outdoor
places for an hour or so (12)
5. Traditional cake eaten at Easter time (6)
6. Sauce used to liven up roast
lamb or tofu (4)
8. Genuine or authentic (5)
10. Grab (3)
11. I'm hot, cross and tasty (3)
12. Sink your teeth in (4)
14. Complexion after too much chocolate (6)
15. Easter-themed hit song by The Stone Roses. "I am the..." (12)


1. Country where the Easter bunny originates (7)
2. Sworn enemy of spring cleaners (4)
3. Cute baby birds associated with Easter (6)
4. A bunny has four of these on each foot (4)
7. A rabbit does this all day long (7)
8. Surname of author who wrote tales about bunnies (6)
9. Game during which Easter eggs are hidden for little'uns to find (4)
13. Of biblical proportions (4)