And the name of our new sofa is...

Posted September 6th, 2013


Last week we gave you the chance to grab a bit of soft furnishing fame by coming up with a name for our new sofa. We had some cracking suggestions but when “Monty” hit our inbox we knew it was the one. It so happens that Monty is the name of our pal the St. Bernard dog we blogged about just two weeks ago. The same St. Bernard who hangs out with our sofa makers in Long Eaton where this very sofa will be made. It was just meant to be.

The name is shared with Michala, Milly and Pookie’s Westie dog, Stephen’s son and Anna’s grandson, so we know we’re on to a winner. They can now lay claim to a bit of sofa-naming glory along with Lizzie, Pat, Tanya and Lindsay who all sent in the winning suggestion. Thank you to everyone who threw a name into the hat.

Come back and vist our website in October where you’ll get to see our new Monty in all its loafy glory.

Have a great weekend all!

Charlie and the Loafers x