And the quirkiest travel buddy goes to..

Posted August 13th, 2013

We asked you to tell us what you couldn't travel without in our latest newsletter competition and you sent us some wicked answers.

A lot of great Loafer minds think alike: tea, Marmite, cuddly toys and your own pillows were definitely the most common essentials.

Our winner Kate, however, can't travel without her beloved pug Buddy. And as you can see from her story and photos he goes everywhere with her (even to the top of Mount Snowdon!):

"Since getting my darling pug, Buddy, a year and a half ago, I have left the country only once for a 2 night stay in Mallorca, only to lose my passport whilst out there. Upon (miraculously) arriving home I vowed that I would never leave my little Buddy again! So this summer Buddy and I have been enjoying our little excursions around the United Kingdom, exploring nature, meeting wild animals (chasing squirrels/seagulls/tractors/anything that moves) and splashing around in the sea! I don't go anywhere without him, he is my favourite little travel Buddy."

Some of our other favourites were:

  • a fishing rod - "because you can always fish somewhere!"

  • a pilot's log book - "an amazing record of all the places I have flown to. Some of the captains write little messages and it really tickles the cabin crew who look through it to see if there is anyone they recognise."

  • a mini globe - "I can’t travel without it because I love to lay in bed and look at where I am in the world!"

  • a tuning fork - "As a professional opera singer, I can find myself being asked to sing in all sorts of unlikely places and, whilst hoping to remain quiet, I sometimes feel it rude not to comply. A tuning fork is an essential."

  • a Homer Simpson toy - "It belonged to my son. He slipped it into my case when I was travelling to India without him years ago. Each day when I returned to my room, Homer would have been put in a different pose by the cleaner which I would then change and so it went on for 10 days. I found it highly amusing and my son would've thought it hilarious. He is now 22 and Homer is very well travelled.

Thank you to everyone who entered. As always we absolutely love your stories and photos.


Charlie & the Loafers x