Bake It To Win It Winner!

Posted January 20th, 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our 'Bake It To Win It' competition. We've been overwhelmed by all the incredible entries.

To choose only ONE winner was near impossible! But we did it…finally!

Huge congratulations to Lizzie. Your Freddie sofa cake came up on top (see above)! The likeness to our Freddie sofa plus the brilliant nautical scene you so cleverly created won the Loafers' vote. We hope you enjoy many adventures on your new sofa!


Charlie & the Loafers x

PS We've had 100's of entries but hats off to these people who made the top 50 shortlist (in no particular order).

Amber Harvey - Bagsie sofa
Amy White - Louis bed
Cat Gooding - Pavillion sofa
Sophie Matthews - Flopster sofa
Jane Alexander - Pavlova sofa
Brigit Redfern - Bagsie sofa
Candice Dillen - Smith bed
Kate Smithyes - Oscar sofa
Mariam Qureshi - Gertie sofa
Marisa Kemp - Bagsie sofa
Ella Fletcher - Bazaar sofa
Emily Bliszczak - Jonesy sofa
Julia Hickey - Chester sofa
Michelle Howe - Woody bed
Michelle Small - Crumpet sofa
Paula Mahmassani - Crumpet sofa
Paula McCullough - Souffle sofa
Sarah Holt - Coco bed
Annie Taylor - Freddie sofa
Bethany Gardner - Billow bed
Hannah Herring - Bagsie sofa
Pauline Stone - Bagsie sofa
Rich Whitby - Crumpet sofa
Laura Risbrigdger - Bagsie sofa
Victoria Fullerton - Bagsie sofa
Vikki Leedham - Marmalade sofa
Angela Lurssen - Frenchie bed
Angie Maloney - Bagsie sofa
Claire Owen - Bagsie sofa
Daniel Dewsbury - Nomad bed
Donna Sutherland - Nomad bed
Zoe Anderson - Crumpet sofa
Katy Monk - Bagsie sofa
Kelly Sparkes - Bagsie sofa
Janine Gilson - Crumpet sofa
Lynsey Clark - Bagsie sofa
Mandy Mason - Nomad bed
Chris & Anna - Coco bed
Catherine Edden - Cloud sofa
Matt Shaw - Coco bed
Melissa Walker - Chester sofa
Amanda Fears - Jonesy sofa
Naomi Smith - Crumpet sofa
Laura Cox - Bagsie sofa
Suzie Huntington - Woody bed
Steven Price - Chester sofa
India Constantini - Piper bed
Sian Butler - Flopster sofa
Sarah Zweck - Monty sofa
Eleanor Roper - Bagsie sofa