Posted February 23rd, 2016

We've had a good old chuckle reading through all of your entries for our #BloomingBrilliant competition. We wanted to hear the time your mum made you snort with laughter and chortle until your sides hurt for a chance to win two lovely bunches of fresh flowers from Bloom & Wild. And boy did you all deliver!

We've managed to whittle it down to three lucky winners and here are their brilliant stories...


Mum asked the man in the supermarket where the 'erotic' fruit was...


She grew up in the 40s during a time when owning cars was not common and travelling abroad even less so. She started noticing that people occasionally had "GB" plates attached to the backs of their cars. Being from Yorkshire, she was convinced for years that this was short for "Going 'Broad"!


When I was a teenager, I cheekily grumbled to my mum that my packed lunches for school were really boring and the dog had more exciting food than I did. The next day I opened my lunch box to find a dog biscuit wrapped in foil and a note to say "love from the dog". We still laugh about it now and I've even still got the note somewhere! I recently became a mum and doing my best to follow my mum's lead. Being a mum definitely requires a good sense of humour!

Congratulations, a lovely bunch of flowers will be winging their way through each of your letterboxes this Mother's Day!