Can you do this crossword?

Posted April 9th, 2020

Family time, eh? We thought you might like this new Easter crossword to do either on your tod or with others. Choices, choices.


1. Type of rabbit (10)
5. One of the first signs of spring. The dawn chorus (8)
8. Country famous for its hand-painted Easter eggs (7)
11. If you have this positive character trait you'll go far (4)
12. Newish Loaf sofa that rhymes with 'hodge' (5)
14. Supremely good example of its kind (4,4)


1. Centimetre (2)
2. Joni Mitchell sang a song about a big yellow one (4)
3. Author of a famous fable about a hare (5)
4. The UK's upholstery capital where Loaf sofas are made (4,5)
6. Domed garden project in Cornwall (4)
7. Fictional rabbit known for habitually thumping his hind foot (7)
9. Exemplary person or a winged messenger (5)
10. Oval object traditionally made from chocolate at Easter (3)
13. Exist (2)

We like clever types. So feel free to show off your answers by emailing [email protected] or doing social things on our Facebook page or Twitter feed using #loafingfromhome.

We'll share the answers on our blog on Monday!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


The Loafers x