Check out our wicked new artist!

Posted October 18th, 2013

Mungo Powney's the kind of go-getting bloke I like. Growing up in a chaotic Benedictine monastery, all he ever wanted to be was an artist. So as soon as he left home he turned a disused perfume factory into a studio, travelled loads for inspiration and got painting.

Now he's swapped Kent for Normandy. And his studio's a barn next to his granite farmhouse soaking up its idiosyncrasies. "We like the way it’s backward,” he says. “When we first visited, the owner made us coffee using her tights!”

The result of this unconventional life? Some seriously exciting art. His stuff is bright, big-hearted and full of energy.

We love Mungo's stuff so much, we've just added some of his prints to our collection. They're on the website now for £345, but nab yours quickly as they're all limited editions.


Charlie & the Loafers x