Cuppa and a crossword answers

Posted March 11th, 2020

We hope you all managed to crack our crossword. We've popped the answers in and reprinted the clues beneath - just in case you need them.


The Loafers x


1. The name of a Loaf sofa. To kiss and cuddle
5. The ancient art of covering furniture with fabric
7. Large, bright star which we don't see much in winter
9. A small touch that makes the whole even lovelier
12. Also Known As (abbrv.)
13. City in India where our rugs are made
14. Country where our squishy sofas are made


1. Soft and cloud-like (like a sofa cushion)
2. Person who invites their friends around for a shindig
3. The way we like our ring doughnuts
4. State of happiness caused by a squishy sofa
6. How our sofas are made, not by machine
8. Cord used for making old-school chair seats
10. The lingo that gave us etc., et al and eg.
11. Spend time slowing down and being happy