David Soul and the Sexy Secretary

Posted February 6th, 2013

This game is based on a cracking story our Head of Creation, Mister Steve, recently regaled us with.

A few years ago in a past life, his secretary was desperately trying to win tickets to see David Soul in concert (for those of you who don't remember, he's the 70s version of the Hoff who played "Hutch" in Starsky and Hutch before moving on to pursue a career in the music industry).

Anyway, you had to name as many items as possible beginning with the letter S in the photo to enter. And you also had to put a reason why you should win in case of a tie breaker. Here she was struggling, so our Steve chipped in with:

Sensational secretary, subsequently sacked spotting S's, seeks sympathy so should see Soul soon.

And they won! Two concert tickets later and a handshake with the man himself made for an ecstatic secretary and one proud Steve.

So we thought we'd do the same with you! See how many things you can name beginning with the letter L in the picture below. We'll send out a Breakfast in Bed set to whoever finds the most. Send yours to [email protected]

Happy spotting.

p.s. This image is a sneaky preview of our new kitchen tables and chairs that are launching on March 1st!