Dickie was found safe and sound!

Posted October 8th, 2012

You may have seen our Find Dickie competition last week which was part of our celebration of moving to Loaf! Dickie was our little yellow bird who used to live amongst the curls of our old Sleep Room logo. We thought long and hard about where we might place Dickie after our official move to Loaf as we weren't ready to let him fly the nest so he's now happily hovering near our new logo.

We just wanted to announce the two lucky winners on here. Congratulations to Wendy Caules, who won the Lucky chair after finding Dickie hidden on our website. Also our Twitter competition winner was Torie Jayne!

We hid Dickie on the Lucky chair product page, he was just loafing around on the arm and here is what he said when he was found: