End of term brain-teaser!

Posted December 12th, 2013

The last lesson of the Christmas term at school was frankly always a bit of a relief. Our teachers would finally stop shouting at us (I’ve never understood why children aren’t allowed to run in the corridor!), give up on work and let us play hangman, charades and silly quizzes.

I will always remember this one question which had me stumped for a while. See if you can get it quicker than I did:

Which working central London Tube station has six consonants in a row in its name?

Pop your answer to [email protected], post it on our Facebook page, or tweet us using #brainteaser by 16th December. We'll randomly select a correct answer and announce the winner here the next day. If I remember correctly a tin of Quality Streets (or Devonshire hard toffees if they still exist?) is the traditional prize.

Now work that Tube map!


Charlie & the Loafers x