End of term teaser

Posted December 21st, 2017

Are you feeling festive yet? We've created a Christmas crossword to put you in the mood.

Have a crack and we'll share the answer on our blog on Christmas Eve.
For a s-t-r-e-t-c-h challenge, make a festive word that used ALL of the letters in the grey-shaded boxes. Ping your answer to [email protected] or share your genius on our Facebook page or Twitter feed using #GreyMatters.

Merry Squishmas one and all!


The Loafers x


2. You love them or hate them (7)
6. Often rocks a blanket at Christmas time (3)
7. Just like friends, but not optional (9)
10. Edible tree trunk (3)
11. Thing you're destined to do at Christmas (7)
12. One of your presents will keep these warm (4)
13. Bah...(6)


1. Served mulled at Christmas (4)
3. Theatrical entertainment produced at Christmas time (5)
4. Maiden aunt, or something you nibble on (5)
5. Some Assembly Required (3) (acr.)
7. Red nosed quadruped (7)
8. Person whose job it is to pack up the Monopoly board (5)
9. Best thing to do after Christmas dinner (6)