Can you solve this festive puzzle!

Posted December 20th, 2018

Loads of you loved our crossword last year, so we've decided to give it another whirl. Rack your brain and we'll share the answers on our blog on Christmas Eve!

For an extra challenge, make a festive word that uses ALL of the letters in the grey-shaded boxes. What the Dickens could it be? Ping your answer to [email protected] or share your genius on our Facebook page or Twitter feed using #GreyMatter.

Merry Squishmas one and all!


The Loafers x


1. Boring but useful Christmas present (5)
3. May contain candied peel and fruit (4)
5. Baste your bird here on the big day (4)
6. Played on boards (5)
9. Favourite greeting of Father Christmas (2,2,2)
11. Mancunian rocker or French word for Christmas (4)
12. Surplus Christmas food (9)


1. Post-pudding activity (6)
2. These chaps brought gold, frankincense and myrrh (5)
3. Popular festive spice (8)
4. Little helpers (5)
7. Creature that kept a low profile the night before Christmas (5)
8. Thing you do after popping a cork at Christmas (5)
10. Type of tree favoured by festive partridges (4)