Guess how many feathers there are in the perfect cushion

Posted April 12th, 2013

When we received the prototype of our Scrunch cushions I have to admit to being a little disappointed. The beautiful linen cover was spot-on, but the cushion pad was all puffed up and firm. Not the laid-back flopster we'd had in mind.


So I attacked it with a Swiss army penknife and pulled out around half the super-soft duck feathers until there was just the right amount inside. Not the tidiest way to achieve perfect squishiness. In fact the office was a complete shambles. But it got the job done.


So can you guess just how many feathers there are in the average Scrunch cushion? (Yes, we are very sad and have counted!)


Email your answer to [email protected] or tweet us at @loafdotcom by April 19th and whoever gets closest (or guesses right first) will receive two of these loafingly lovely Scrunch cushions.


Dib, dib, dib.



Charlie & the Loafers