Have you heard about our patriotic pottery?

Posted November 7th, 2013

Like drinking tea and talking about the weather, there are some things we do amazingly well in Blighty. And pottery is one of them.

We get many of our lovely lamps made in Stoke (aka "The Potteries"). It's THE place for ceramics where they've been nailing it for centuries.

Our favourite potters there, Andrew and Karen, use old-school methods to hand cast beautiful bases. And they've hit the jackpot for us again by creating four new crackers (Dollop, Tipsy, Skinny Dip and Cuppa) with a lovely off-white glaze. All come with a choice of four really nice linen lampshades.

So for a chance to win one, try answering this question:

In a traditional pottery, what is a "saggar maker's bottom knocker"? Is it:

a) A large spatula used to thrash the living daylights out of any lazy whipper-snappers

b) The person who makes the base of a widget which holds the pottery in place whilst in the kiln

c) Neither of the above. We're just joshing with you and made it up

Pop your answers to [email protected], post them on our Facebook page or tweet us using #saggarmaker by 11th November and we'll announce the winner here the next day.


Charlie & the Loafers x