How good are you at games and puzzles?

Posted November 28th, 2012

"A packet of chocolate Hobnobs to whoever comes up with the best acrostic for the word LOAF!"

What started as a one-off game in our office has now turned into a weekly occurrence with biscuits flying left, right and centre and competitive tensions flying high.

The original winner turned out to be Lydia, our Head of Cosiness, who came up with the below combination:

So now it's your turn. In case you're still not sure what it is, an acrostic (or in this case a single acrostic) is a number of lines of writing, such as a poem, whose initial letters form a word. In this instance, LOAF is the word!

You've got until 12pm tomorrow to think of the cleverest and funniest Loaf acrostic. Remember, it doesn't have to be one-word lines like our Lydia's, it could be a whole poem! Send your suggestions to [email protected] and we'll announce the winner on our blog and then pop you a packet of Hobnobs in the post.

Good luck!


Charlie & The Loafers