How good is your Olympic knowledge?

Posted August 16th, 2012

Ahoy there!

The Loaf office has been struck down with a severe case of Olympic fever over the past fortnight and the computers have been acting as makeshift televisions, or so I hear! As a result, we are now a team of sporting experts.

We put your Olympic knowledge to the test with the below Loafer-lympic quiz questions and we are happy to announce our top 5 competitors who made it to the winners podium. Congratulations to George Graham, Wendy Bradley, Sophie Solomon, Darius Tanas and Emma Doran who sent us the below answers in record time!

1) What is the gold medal made out of? The answer is b) silver

2) What sort of lot did the athletes were at the ancient Olympics? The answer is c) their birthday suit

3) In which year was the first Olympic Games of the modern era? The answer is a) 1896

For our gold medal winners, you'll be receiving one of our gorgeous laundry bags worth £30 in the post shortly! For those of you who got beaten to the finishing line this time, don't worry we'll be running lots for quizzes and competitions in the upcoming months.


Charlie & The Loafers