How we bought from a Florida dude!

Posted September 26th, 2012

Back in January, thinking that the name The Sleep Room might sound a bit odd if we were to make sofas and tables, I asked myself what would be the perfect name. I thought for three seconds and said "Loaf". Expecting the domain to be unobtainable I casually googled it and found it was a name owned by some dude in Florida.

I pinged off an email and didn't expect a reply. Minutes later I heard back that he was open to offers. I soon found out that the owner had recently sold for the princely sum of $3 million to a Russian billionaire. I had my work cut out! So after a week of emailing various offers through the time zones we settled on a sum. And the rest is history: we will be moving to this coming Monday!

Do I have any regrets in life? No, but maybe I should have taken out a student loan seventeen years ago and bought every domain name possible. I'd be very rich, but I wouldn't be having half as much fun as I am now!

Love Charlie & The Loafers