It all started with a sleepless night...

Posted June 11th, 2015

As with many things in my life, it all started with a sleepless night…

Several years ago I bought a beautiful old French bed. It looked every inch the part as the antiques dealer extolled its virtues. But as soon as I got it home I realised it creaked with every breath and was about a foot too short for my legs. Not exactly a dream machine.

So I found some amazing guys who were good at whittling wood and packed my bed off to see if they could recreate it with a couple of updates for the modern world. Not only did they manage it, but they even improved it further by using their lovely weathered oak which has since become a Loaf staple. And thus our first French bed was born.

Today we have a full range of knockout beds which you can cover in any of our laid-back fabrics. So keep your dream alive and order your free swatches here!


Charlie and the Loafers x