It's a Loaf thing!

Posted August 15th, 2012

I quite often get asked how we come up with our own very distinct look. To be honest the way we design our products and style our photos is pretty uncontrived and is just our own view here of how we see the world. Laid-back. Characterful. Sometimes elegant. Sometimes classic. Insanely comfy. Often even a bit messy. But it's really a look that comes with having the real world in mind and how we actually live our lives.

How many of us these days have the time to make a pristine bed every morning complete with perfectly ironed sheets? Cue a deluge of emails saying you do! But for most of us it's more a question of chuck the duvet on, give the pillows a quick seeing to and get ready to trot.

That's why, when we initially decided to change our name from The Sleep Room (we'll be moving to in October), we thought Loaf would be the ideal name. Not only is it a nice word, but the idea of schlepping around in a snug bed or on a scrummy sofa seemed to sum us up perfectly.

We can't promise that we will make our own beds every morning, but rest assured that anything we offer will always be true to our Loaf look, well-built and often showing lovely signs of the individual's hand that made it.

Check out our Product Stories pages where you can read about the wonderful families around the world who make our gorgeous wares. From our friends up in Nottingham making our upholstered beds and sofas, to Sandeep in India making our day beds and chests of drawers. All of them subscribe to our Loaf values. And all of them get up every day to make the most gorgeous products which I am very proud of. Just don't ask them if they've made their bed!


Charlie & The Loafers