Literature for Loafers

Posted September 12th, 2013

Have you ever heard of The Idler? It’s a highbrow magazine which explores (amongst other things) the fine art of doing nothing. I’d heard of it over the years but my curiosity was piqued when I saw it described itself as “literature for loafers”.

I had to know more! It turns out that hundreds of interesting people have contributed to it, from Michael Palin to Louis Theroux and Damien Hirst. 

It has quite a cult following which turned mainstream when co-founder Tom Hogkinson’s book 'How To Be Idle' became a best-seller. They've also started the Idler Academy for all idle pleasures and celebrate their 20th year of the magazine this year.

Anyway, their motto is Libertas Per Cultum ('freedom through education') which got us Loafers talking about what our Loaf motto would be – if we had one.

This idle office chat resulted in the following pithy fruits:

LOAF: Happy Are They Who Take It Easy

LOAF: Horizontum Per Chillum

LOAF: Libertas in Loafarian

LOAF: Loafers Live Better

Can you think of a better Loaf motto than these? Send us your ideas to [email protected], post them on our Facebook page or tweet us using #loafmotto by the 17th September and we'll announce the winner here the next day. The best motto wins two of my favourite Idler books, 'The Book of Idle Pleasures' and 'The Idler Book of Crap Holidays'.

Happy idling,

Charlie & The Loafers x