Logical Littleuns!

Posted December 19th, 2017

We had a really good chuckle reading through all your entries for our #LogicalLittleUns competition. There certainly are many whippersnappers whose profound sayings make a world of sense when you think about it.

Jenny's daughter, Poppy, really hit the nail on the head whilst listening to the radio a while back. The story goes...

My 6 yr old, Poppy: How do they know that Murray is the best tennis player in the world?
Me: Because he has won all of his matches.
Poppy (indignantly): But he hasn't played everyone in the world - he hasn't played me.

We can't argue with that, Poppy!

A huge round of applause for Jenny, you've nabbed yourself a Top Tip mirror for the wise words of your littleun, Poppy.


The Loafers x