Name our NEW velvet colour!

Posted August 24th, 2017

We're launching this NEW velvet colour in February and it needs a name! It's a lovely kind of pink which is quite strong (but not too strong, that would do one's head in). Our working title for it is Flamingo.

So here's your chance for a bit of soft furnishing fame...What would you call the colour?

The name that catches our eye and best reflects its Loafy colour will be bestowed upon it.

(Top tip: take a peek at our fabric page to find out what we call our other fabrics and bag some inspiration)

Jot your answers to [email protected] or doodle them on our Facebook page or Twitter feed using #WhatAName by Monday 28th August. We'll pick our favourite and announce the name on our blog the very next day.


The Loafers x