One man's junk is another man's lamp

Posted March 7th, 2014

While wandering around Jaipur last year we clocked a pile of glass apothecary jugs in a chemist which - though pretty dusty - were stunning examples of brilliant old school Indian glass-blowing. We thought they'd make gorgeous lamps.

Cue running around various workshops, loads of dead-ends, some choice encounters with friendly "gurus" and several gallons of chai. Finally we found a braided flex - the standard plastic-coated options were just not as nice - and a matt bronze-finish bulb fitting. We at last had a prototype lamp to show our glass-blowing friends up the road. They loved it and a few days later our first Apothecary was born.

We also magicked up some other lovely new glass and burnished metal lamps while we were there. But it was the journey of making the Apothecary that will stay in the memory.

Good times.


Charlie & the Loafers x