Red and yellow and pink and NEW!

Posted July 4th, 2013

We’ve come a long way since we launched almost five years ago. Back then the Northern Rock crash was the talk of the town. And you could have a bed in any colour as long as it was “natural”.

But today we reckon people want a little more fabric choice for all our sofas - not too much mind, as we try to do all the research and hard work for you!

So we’ve just launched over 30 new colours and fabrics: from Washed Cotton to Herringbone, from Pencil Stripe to Clever Velvet (so named as it doesn’t show fingerprints). Above is our new Pavilion corner sofa sporting Peony washed cotton linen. Take your pick and order some free fabric swatches to test which suits you best.

They’re all very laid-back and “Loafy”. In fact we’re so chuffed with them that we’ve rebuilt our website to show them off!


Charlie & the Loafers