Say hello to our NEW collection!

Posted September 17th, 2020

Take a sniff back in time!

Inspired by moments of British nostalgia - we bring you our new collection of smelly wax candles. Their lovely hand-dipped crackle glazed jars can be used even after you've said goodbye to your candle (hello new pen pot!).

Strike a match

Old-school cool

Coolicon pendant lights are an icon of British design history, brought up to date with a punchy new palette. EXCLUSIVE to Loaf in 12 cheery colours.

Discover Coolicon

Bare walls?

No thank you... How about a lovely linen canvas screen print, by our boy Ben Lowe?

Get Arty

Cosy made easy

Our gorgeous Easy Knit throw goes with just about every sofa and bed we've tried it on.

Snuggle Up

Meet our new Wodge

Mix and match this modular masterpiece, handmade to order for maximum squish.

Build your own

Our Pitstop chair

Inspired by the Scandi School of Simple Pleasures, with some Loafy touches like lovely weathered oak.

Take a seat

Our Keepsake coffee table

Is built for a lifetime of jigsaw puzzles, long books and many mugs of tea.

Kick Back

Introducing Squisharoo

This beauty has an ever so slightly more upright sit than our usual style, but we haven't skimped on our signature squish. That's a pinky promise.

Sink In

Rummage Chest of Drawers

Like the proverbial tenner found in your back pocket, our NEW Rummage chest of drawers in antique blue should hopefully feel like a bit of a find.

Tidy Up

Our Squishbum bench

Is just the ticket for resting tired legs, taking off wellies after a muddy walk or just a spot for clutter that needs squirreling away.

Feet Up