Six Packs & John Lennon!

Posted August 29th, 2012

We may well be experts in Loafing but that doesn't mean we're all bone idle here. We thought you might like to see what some of us Loafers get up to when we're not actually busy in the Loaf office. So we've displayed our sporting achievements below, podium-esque.

Our news lady Laura flashed some of her best dance moves in the Olympic Closing Ceremony - as part of John Lennon's head!

Who knew that our Head of Drawings is also able to kick some serious Loaf bottom if needs be with his pro-Muay Thai Boxing skills?

Our Em, Head of Happiness gets down to street level with her urban running posse. Check out her club Run Dem Crew!

Yes, we are still harping on about sport and the Olympics but we were so thrilled with the response we got from our first Olympic quiz that we wanted to broadcast our thanks! We will do many more over the next few months, especially to celebrate our soon-to-be official move to, so keep your eyes peeled!


Charlie & The Loafers