Sofas & Terrapins!

Posted October 10th, 2012

We've been doing a bit of detective work of late to find out what crimes have been committed against a nation of sofas.

Not everyone, it seems, has the same idea of what sofa TLC means. We have discovered that 36% of you only check what's lurking under your cushions once a year. Blimey!

Along with loose change (you wouldn't believe it, but a whopping £27m of cash is estimated to be hidden in sofas throughout Britain), wallets and other occasional jackpots, some rather unsavoury items have also been discovered.

One of you has admitted to finding 400 empty crisp packets behind your sofa cushions (yeah, right!) and someone else has discovered their long-lost pet terrapin, Tommy.

If you have a bizarre sofa find to add to our list, ping us an e-mail at [email protected] or tweet us @loafdotcom #SofaTreasure - preferably with a picture! Have a look at our top ten odd finds below:

1. Lapis lazuli toothbrush

2. Terrapin

3. Jock strap

4. Hammer

5. Teeth

6. iPod (including one lucky chap who found one after buying a second-hand sofa)

7. Beefeater hat

8. Mouse trap

9. Biltong

10. Snorkel


Charlie & The Loafers x