Soup, Sebastiano & San Fantino

Posted November 7th, 2012

If, like me, you love Italy but are often a wee bit disappointed by the coastline or deluge of tourists, this message is for you.

Because my friend Sebastiano, who I opened a soup factory with ten years ago, has turned his ancestral estate into a very special b & b and villa rental in one of Calabria's truly unspoilt areas.

A couple of hours' drive south of Naples on a UNESCO World Heritage site, San Fantino is a world away from the glitz of the Amalfi coast. Surrounded by unspoilt countryside with pristine beaches nearby, Sebastiano's place is aimed at food lovers who like things a bit wild.

I've not been there myself as it's only just opened, though I know the area well. I also know Sebastiano's hunter-gathering (and cooking) courses will be second to none. He's a lovely character and passionate about all the food, oil and wine being grown on his own land. Even the Bloody Mary's use his own tomatoes!

Anyway, do check out his website. He is willing to offer friends of Loaf a 10% discount off his private villa weekly rental, 5% off a three day stay in the B&B, 10% off five days and 15% off seven days. Just call him and tell him you're a Loafer and you'd love to visit.

Not only that, but he'll make you a darn fine soup too!