The art of the Recce!

Posted August 15th, 2012

I first heard the word "recce" at school aged 10 when being read a story as an "end of term treat". I thought then that to "do a recce" was to travel off to faraway lands and check them out before invading them! Little did I know that over 25 years later I would spend a large part of my time doing reccies of a slightly different nature.

Finding exactly the right location to photograph our wares is much harder than one might think. Does the house look like we'd want to live there? What's the light like? Is there good access for our delivery chaps? Is it full of furniture we'll have to move? These are all the questions as a team we ask ourselves when whizzing off all over the country looking at potential spots.

It's actually a part of the business I love though. Along with designing our website, brochure and products, choosing the right location is quite a creative process which gets me very excited.

So when we recently came across a gorgeous slatted wooden beach house down in Camber Sands on the south coast, we knew a trip was worthwhile. Not just for the yummy lunch we had at the Gallivant Beach Cafe, or for the chance to use our new Hammam towels after an unbelievably cold dip in the English Channel, but because it ticked all our requirements for what a "Loaf home" represents: simple, cosy, elegant, slightly imperfect and full of character.

We'll be trotting off there at the end of the summer to photograph our new kitchen table collection along with our kids' range which we will launch at the start of next year. So we'll be sure to send you a few sneaky peeks in October. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying the rain/sun this summer!


Charlie & The Loafers