The weirdest job I have ever seen

Posted May 2nd, 2013



On a recent trip to northern Portugal (also known as the world HQ for seriously good fluffy towels) an amazing thing happened.


Whilst learning how our new Porto towels are made we encountered a chap whose sole job was to test the durability of our towels. How did he do this? He would put them in a washing machine ONE HUNDRED times. He even went to the trouble of using British washing powder! His thoroughness was unquestionable. 


Better still, this guy loved his job and we came away delighted that our Porto towels had been through such rigorous testing. It's people like this who are our unsung heroes so the next time you use a towel, spare a thought for the nice person who may have tested it so many times.


Which brings me to our competition. Tell us what the weirdest job you've ever done is and you could win this gorgeous set of Porto towels above. Pop your answers to us at [email protected], post it on our Facebook page or Tweet us using #TheWeirdestJob by 7th May 2013. The weirdest job gets the prize! The winning answer will be announced by 8th May 2013.


Happy washing!